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Indoor 150 Gallon Turtle Tub for Red Eared Slider!

After a decade in his baby pool, Franklin has been upgraded to a brand new, 6 foot wide tub! I'll send you cool stuff sometimes~ ... source YouTube

#561: 300 GALLON TURTLE TANK OVERHAUL – Update Monday

The long awaited turtle stock tank update is here. In this video we do a deep clean on the 300 gallon stock tank, inspect our 9 southern black knobbed map ... source YouTube

#408: Underwater 300 Gallon Turtle Stock Tank – Update Monday

My wife got me a GoPro for christmas! These are my first test shots of underwater pond footage indoors. Did you know all of these things were living in the 300 ... source YouTube

How I Made an Indoor Turtle Pond – Jungle Themed Stock Tank!

LLYT here! This video is all about how I took a Craigslist 100 Gallon Rubbermaid stock tank and turned it into an indoor, jungle themed turtle pond! This project ... source YouTube

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