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5 Ways Divers Can Help Sea Turtles

Learn 5 simple ways to support sea turtle conservation! Divers For Turtles works with divers and the dive industry to protect sea turtles around the world. source YouTube

Loggerhead Turtles Mating in the Wild!!!!!!!

We were snorkeling off the coast of San Pedro, Belize when we came across two loggerhead turtles mating in the wild. We stayed back to watch the amazing ... source YouTube

Turtle Love – turtles mating in maui Hawaii, 2013

I happened to be snorkeling and capturing video near two turtles when they started mating. August 6, 2013. source YouTube

Natalie Parra Freediving With Sea Turtles

Nearly all species of sea turtle are endangered or critically endangered! One of the simplest everyday things you can do to lower your involvement in the threats ... source YouTube

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