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sea animals Videos

Swimming with Sea Turtles and Kenzie Wild Child

Kenzie Wild Child finds sea turtles in Hawaii! Check it out! I took my camera underwater! We're on a hunt for sea turtles and I hear there's some in the next bay ... source YouTube

Brave Turtle – Australian Green Sea Turtle's Life Journey | Documentary

Follow the daily life of a beautiful sea turtle named Bungee and all of her largest obstacles. The unique life cycle of an Australian green sea turtle and its journey ... source YouTube

Fun Facts About Sea Turtles For Kids | Cartoons for kids

Fun Facts About Sea Turtles For Kids with Bebo and Buggy! Bebo and Buggy want to teach your kids about Sea Turtles in this episode! But they don't have a ... source YouTube

How To Draw a Turtle – Cute Drawing

From the moment they are born, these plucky Green Turtles from the Ascension Islands will face a huge battle to survive. Those that do survive, like their mothers ... source YouTube

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