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marine biology Videos

Interesting Facts about Sea Life

The world under water is unique and fascinating. Here are some interesting facts about the amazing creatures living in oceans and seas. #InterestingFacts ... source YouTube

What Makes Hawaii's Green Sea Turtles Unique?

Hawaii is home to the largest hard-shelled sea turtles in the world. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed it! **More info & videos ... source YouTube

Brave Turtle – Australian Green Sea Turtle's Life Journey | Documentary

Follow the daily life of a beautiful sea turtle named Bungee and all of her largest obstacles. The unique life cycle of an Australian green sea turtle and its journey ... source YouTube

The Mystery of the Gnaraloo Sea Turtles Teaser

In 2015/16, at Gnaraloo Bay in remote Western Australia, scientists are about to discover the mystery of the Gnaraloo Sea Turtles. This stunning documentary ... source YouTube

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