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herpetology Videos

Enriched Bioactive Ball Python Vivarium

Also, the contest was postponed indefinitely due to COVID19, so we may never know if I would have won. But the enclosure was fun to make and The Snake ... source YouTube

I Built a Vivarium // My BioActive Enclosure

I've always wanted to build one of these! Can you guess what animal I got?? Comment below! My Website: ^ follow my book, keep up to ... source YouTube

[LIVE Replay] Foaming A Vivarium Background For Sunny!

MY REPTILE SUPPLIES & GEAR: ---------- FEEDER INSECTS | Here's where I buy + a coupon! ↴ 10% off your first order ... source YouTube

What You Can Feed Your Turtle

I show what I feed my turtle over the course of 10 days. I feed her every other day and I always feed her something different each time, from pellets to frozen krill. source YouTube

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