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Fantasising footage gives unique view into the life of sea turtles | SWNS

This fantasising footage gives a unique view into the life of sea turtles - with cameras on their shells. The TurtleCam project was inspired by marine biologist ... source YouTube

Surviving Minecraft #1 Don't Touch My TURTLE!!!!

Here is the first episode of the new play-through. This series needs a name so leave one in the comments if you have an idea! Enjoy! YoucouldahadaV8's ... source YouTube

Sea Turtle Underwater | Calming Effect

These graceful underwater swimmers almost hypnotize the viewer as they glide by. Classified as a small group of reptiles. Their life span can be up to 80 years, ... source YouTube

15 Turtles You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Turtles, like so many reptiles, have a long and cherished history here on earth. Human DNA is but a fraction in age by comparison! With such a rich history, you ... source YouTube

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