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Huge Sea Turtle Was In Trouble Until A Team Of Heroes Saved Her | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

Munchkin the sea turtle is HUGE! She weighs over 300 lbs! So when someone spotted her lying still on the beach, they thought she was a giant rock. But really ... source YouTube

Fun Facts About Sea Turtles For Kids | Cartoons for kids

Fun Facts About Sea Turtles For Kids with Bebo and Buggy! Bebo and Buggy want to teach your kids about Sea Turtles in this episode! But they don't have a ... source YouTube

Pets – Book Version – Cat, Dog, Turtle – The Kids' Picture Show (Fun & Educational Learning Video)

Here are the pets from our popular Animals book! Order our books on Amazon! Vehicles: Animals: ... source YouTube

Top 3 Best Turtle Food Reviews in 2019

There are so many pets you can keep in the aquarium. You can find people using fish and now the turtles. What is important is that you get to feed the turtles if ... source YouTube

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