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Turtle Cute Videos

Funny and cute looking turtles from Grand Cayman Island turtle farm

Curious baby turtle stock its face in between the rocks. Adorably cut turtles are held by children and adults. The turtle farm has hundreds of endangered turtles ... source YouTube

How to Draw a Cute Turtle Drawing | Step by Step | for Beginners/Kids | World Turtle Day |

Like, Share & Subscribe for more Cute Videos Some More Crafts:- Watch more videos on this channel for easy, handmade and affordable crafts DIY Paper Heart ... source YouTube

Robert Irwin and Jimmy Feed a Baby Kangaroo

Robert Irwin, 13-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, brings Jimmy some adorable animals including a baby kangaroo, a 100-year-old snapping turtle ... source YouTube

Nasty Snapping Turtle meets Cute PUG, even tries to attack her-and bite me too!

Our Baby Pug has an encounter with an aggressive Snapping Turtle. It almost bites me- twice- tries coming after me, then my Pug and Nearly bites her! I'm sure ... source YouTube

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